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Melinda's Side of the Story

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Every Christian has his own story, and every Believer her own calling from Christ.  
As the Help-meet of her husband, Christian singer/songwriter, and author Dennis Jernigan,
and the mother of nine now adult children, Melinda Jernigan has many stories to share.
 As a woman who has known the chisel of God’s mercy in her life, she also has a testimony of
faith and endurance in times of failure, hardship, physical ailment, triumphs, and victories
that all cry out to be shared with others who struggle in their daily lives, whether a lost
soul or a wayward Follower. God has nurtured a loving heart in Melinda for these
others – especially women who have felt less than feminine and ugly.  
Her goal is, to help all women find their God-crafted inner beauty that, once it is exposed,
will shine on the outside as well.
 Her hand-heart crafted jewelry line at is an outward
expression of this desire to see all women feeling and expressing their true beauty.

Whether she is singing backup vocals for her husband, tweeting with viewers during
live streaming concerts, creating a custom-designed bobble for a customer,
or sharing in a women’s group or church setting,
Melinda Jernigan always exposes her true servant’s heart.

Suggested Topics:

- Minister's wives

- Sexual Purity

- Hospitality

- Worship Begins at Home

- Identity in Christ

- Raising Up a Godly Generation

- The 4 C's: Cut Cost Clarity Color

- Womanhood: Teaching how to have a special blessing ceremony

- Titus Ministry /Mentoring/Discipleship

- Marriage and Family

- How to raise boys/girls

- How to Meet the Needs of Your Husband

- I Am a Worship Leader's /Pastor's Wife Now What Do I Do?

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