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July 2013 Newsletter

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Dennis Jernigan Newsletter - July 29, 2013
New Recording and South Pacific Ministry - and a Film Update

What’s Going On With DJ?
If your life has been in someway affected by something the
Lord has done through my life message or ministry, would you
consider helping me get the good news of freedom and
hope out to countless others? Here are two major projects
I am trying to fund to help me do just that (as well as an
update on the film Sing Over Me). Read on for more info.

New Recording
I and my producer, Ryan Redding, are working on a brand
new recording I am calling DAYS OF AWE. My goal is to
have it mixed and ready to go by October! When I began
asking the Lord what songs needed to be on this recording
one word kept echoing through my mind: EPIC.
You’ll understand when you hear it. God is epic in nature...and
I wanted the songs to reflect that epic-ness in every way possible.
The music is being produced with an epic feel and orchestration.
Why should Hollywood have all the epic music? Even with
the most intimate songs on the recording we have tried to
capture an epic-ness of intimacy!

If you know me, you know my heart for intimacy with God
and how I long for others to know that same intimacy.
People may see me as a worship leader, or singer, or
song receiver, but I see myself as a minister commissioned to
tell my story in order for others trapped in bondage to
know there is a way out - and His name is Jesus. Almost
daily I encounter people who ask for help in finding freedom.
I will continue to do that very thing. Would you help me in
that endeavor?Since I am an independent artist - no label
backing - I would humbly ask for your help in finishing this project.

We need $20,000 to fully fund the recording
and mixing process. To give, go to  here.

See end of this newsletter to find out what you get when you give...

Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia Ministry Trip
Melinda and I have been invited to come to Malaysia and minister in
several churches this October and November. The churches we
will be dealing with long for the message of freedom and for the
worship music but cannot afford to fly me there. While in the
region, we will also go to Singapore and minister for 4 days and
from there we will end our trip in Australia ministering in a few
churches and seeing our daughter, Hannah, and her husband
Ashley. The flights from Singapore to Australia and from
Australia to America are covered. We need help for the
Malaysia segment for flights there, accommodations, and
meals for two weeks so as to be as little a burden on the
body of Christ there as possible.

To cover as many expenses as possible I am asking you to
help me raise $10,000 for the Malaysia trip by September 15th.

To give, go to here.
To complete the recording and to fund the ministry trip
to the South Pacific,
we will need a total of $30,000 by September 15th.

See end of this newsletter to find out what you get when you give...

What you get when you give:

Gifts of $15 or more will receive DAYS OF AWE
before the rest of the world!

Gifts of $50 or more will receive the CD & an
autographed print of the title song

Gifts of $100 will receive 3 autographed CDs
plus all the above-mentioned items

Gifts of $500 will receive all the above items and
have their name listed on the CD as a contributor

Gifts of $1000 will receive all above items and
will also be invited to a meet & greet (travel and
lodging at your own expense) at the Jernigan
farm - dinner and fellowship. That means my
son-in-law, Kristopher, will smoke brisket and
chicken! We will end the evening with a time of
worship in my living room!

Update on SING OVER ME - the Dennis Jernigan
Story - Movie and Book

So many of you gave toward the documentary of my
life. Every single penny of that $40,000 raised has
gone directly into the production of that film. I just
watched the first rough cut...and could not stop crying
as I watched the most sweet telling of my story at the
hands of Jacob and Ashlyn Kindberg, director and
producer respectively. I cannot wait for the world to
see it! It is my belief that millions - yes, millions - of people
will be affected by this project. In addition, several
weeks ago I completed the work on my autobiography,
SING OVER ME - the Dennis Jernigan Story. I will be
presenting it to a publisher sometime during the next two weeks.

Please pray for favor with those who could give
the film distribution in theaters and elsewhere.
And follow the making of the film along with
other updates at

You can actually watch a short clip of the film  here.