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New Testimony and Live Worship DVD

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New Dennis Jernigan Testimony Video Available! click here


One of the most requested ministry tools for Dennis Jernigan is to have his testimony of freedom from same sex attraction available on DVD. We are so excited to announce to you that we have a brand new updated version of his story…on DVD!


On April 11, 2010, Dennis led out in worship and ministry at White Oak Worship Center in Blairs, VA. During the Night of Praise, DJ not only led out in worship but also shared an extended telling of his story. White Oak Worship Center has very graciously helped produce a DVD of what unfolded that evening.


In addition to his story, Dennis leads out in worship that was also captured during the evening’s events. At the end of this announcement you will find a complete list of the music also contained on this very special DVD. During the course of what transpired that evening, Dennis ministered to those dealing with grief, the healing of memories, as well as those desiring freedom from bondage. This very special DVD would be a wonderful tool for ministry regardless of whether those who view it struggle with same sex attraction or not. If you desire more freedom in your life, this DVD will bring hope to continue seeking Jesus for that freedom. If you desire to simply be refreshed in God’s presence, this DVD will help usher you into an awareness of God’s presence and power.


If you would like a copy of the DVD, you can purchase it here or simply call 1-800-877-0406 and order your DVD today. All we ask is that if you cannot pay the full price that you limit your order to one DVD. Our price is simple. We want no one to be denied access to the ministry found on this DVD so we are making it available for $15.00…OR whatever you can afford. We ask only that you pay for shipping and handling if that is all you can afford. Any money given above the cost of shipping and handling will help us continue to make this ministry DVD available to others who cannot afford the suggested price of $15.00.


Would you help us get the message of freedom out to as many as possible? Would you consider telling all your friends, church leadership, counselors, small group leaders, Facebook Friends, Twitter Friends, and others about this new DVD? We believe freedom in Christ is possible and we want as many as possible to hear the Good News! Your good word to others will go a long way in helping us do just that. Thank you ahead of time for helping us seek the Kingdom by seeking the King!


Dennis Jernigan/Shepherd’s Heart Music Staff



Let Us Rejoice

Great is the Lord Almighty

Hallelujah! He Reigns in Majesty

Come, King Jesus

You Are My All in All

All I Need is You (Special guest appearance by Galen Jernigan)

When the Night is Falling

Passionate Obsession

I Will Be There

Watching Over You

I Cry Holy

Who Can Satisfy My Soul

Dennis’ Testimony

It’s Gonna Be Alright

This Is My Destiny

I Belong to Jesus