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CD: The Chronicles of Bren: Captured - Songs for the Journey

     In case you didn’t know, Dennis Jernigan
has begun a fantasy book series called
The Chronicles of Bren. The first book
in the series, The Chronicles of Bren: Captured,
is the beginning story in the saga of one
boy’s journey to manhood. Young teen,
Lee Jennings, bullied constantly by local
boys, suddenly finds himself transported
into a world of fantasy and adventure…and
plunged into a whole new identity as the
son of a king! How he traverses this new
world and endures captivity at the hands
of the realm’s resident evil lord is also the
journey of self-discovery that will one day
serve Lee in his adult life. Full of fantastic
beings and magical creatures from this new
dimension and wrought with many twists
and turns, Captured is just the beginning for
Lee Jennings…and is designed to be an
adventurously entertaining ride for readers
of all ages.

            Dennis Jernigan grew up imagining
rescue from his own captors and God used
music to enhance the journey and bring hope.
We find it no big surprise that DJ would
write music for the journey through the
land of Bren! Called Songs for the Journey,
this 14 song collection was created as a
tool to enhance the reader’s enjoyment
and to give greater depth to the adventure.


Song List

  1.  Riding the Wind
  2.  Warrior
  3.  Song of Arolis
  4.  Ollieman's Song
  5.  Lucian's Pride
  6.  Masion
  7.  Fairies
  8.  Jidgel Jidgel!
  9.  Creatures
  10.  Chiroptera
  11.  Regalion's Song
  12.  The Sleeping Giant
  13.  The Battleground
  14.  Live the Adventure

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