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MP3: All I Used To Be

Song History:

July 18, 1997

II Samuel 13-18 (Absalom); John 14:27

In November of 1996, my pastor, Chuck, had received a word from the Lord that as a church we were to come into 1997 with an attitude of expectanct. In other words, in all we do as a body, come expecting God to display His character in our midst. The Lord also began stirring a series of messages in pastor Chuck's heart for the following summer. Each teaching would bear the title of a popular movie as a means of reminding us of a spiritual truth. Just before the summer of 1997 began, God had given me a vision of receiving a song for each sermon as a way of reinforcing what He was speaking to us through Chuck. Since I travel more in the summer, I was not able to be there...but I did the next best thing: each week, I called Chuck and asked him to share his heart with me in order that I might meditate with him on what God was doing. Each of these songs came this way for the most part. "All I Used to Be" came as I meditated on the fact that the blood of Jesus had completely erased all my sin and has given me a brand new identity. 

Received by Dennis Jernigan on (July 18, 1997)

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