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MP3: I Will Hold You

A song written by Dennis Jernigan for his daughter, Hannah Faith. A song from a daddy for his girl and from our heavenly Father for all of his girls.

Song History:

December 1990

Psalm 145:17-20; James 4:8

How much of the Lord do we want? How near do we want Him? How much intimacy can we attain with Him in this life? As with any relationship, we can hold God at a distance. Even though He sees through any walls or smokescreens we throw up, He desires that we desire Him and trust Him enough to let Him inside our woundedness. This is a song of brokenness, for it takes an honest and broken heart to say, "Father, I cannot help myself. I cannot overcome my own sinful desires...But I know You can. Will You be my Strength through the long, hard night?" God is faithful and able to meet us at our deepest point of failure and bring victory. He is able to take us in the state of losteness and bring hope and salvation. He will not leave us, nor will He forsake us. For my daughter, Hannah Faith Jernigan, as a Christmas gift. I love you, Hannah...

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