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MP3: This Is My Destiny

From the original recording "This Is My Destiny".

Song History:

July 26, 1997

Jeremiah 29:11; 1 John 3:1-3

It seems I am often attacked in the area of my identity whenever I share my testimony–mainly thoughts like, "what do other men think of me now?" I have shared a lot this summer and have been bombarded, yet God's loving and redeeming ways have been so powerfully worked in my life. As Chuck prepared this sermon we talked a lot about who we are because of our identity in Christ. My own life and its living out has been a proving grounds for the truths I received that are contained in this song. This summer has been so difficult in this way...but the fruit is so edifying. I have an inheritance that nothing in this world can take away...yet I cannot enjoy the benefits of that inheritance if I do not 'cash it in'. In other words, I have to receive the gift of my new identity and walk in matter what I feel or what I have experienced in the past. Even when I sin, my identity does not change. I simply get another opportunity to respond in truth to my true identity and the God who gave that identity to me. He calls me child...calls me overcomer...calls me warrior...calls me servant...calls me royalty...calls me his redeemed! Hallelujah! This is who I am...and it is my destiny...who I will be, yet who I already am! This is my destiny!

Received by Dennis Jernigan on (July 26, 1997)

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