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MP3: Song of Arolis



Song to Arolis
The Chronicles of Bren: Captured
Words & Music: Dennis Jernigan
April 12, 2012




Song History


As a boy, I spent so much time on my horse, exploring and enjoying the countryside. I went swimming with my horse and fishing with my horse. I ran races on my horse and I drove cattle on my horse. Every Saturday for years I rode my horse to town picking up pop bottles along the way to sell…and always had enough to buy a burger by the time I got to town! My horse would tolerate four people on his back and I could do all kinds of tricks on him, my favorite being mounting him in a run from behind, placing my hands on his rump as I jumped. He never budged because he trusted me and I trusted him. All those memories and so much more flooded into my mind as I wrote the character of Arolis and wrote this song. On a horse, a boy can become a warrior and an explorer and a hero and ride with the wind all at once. As you listen to this song, dream about what you will one day do in and with your life…and dream big.


Dennis Jernigan






Can you hear me?
I am but of man.
Can someone like you ever understand?
Yet I can hear you when you think my name.
Horse and boy, two wild hearts never tamed!

Arolis, I trust you with my heart and soul!
I trust you, my friend! Arolis,
I trust you with my very life!
Let us ride and conquer the wind! Wind!
In the name of the King and in the name of the realm,
Let us fly! Let us fly! Let us fly!
Over mountain and stream,
through the dark forested veil,
Let us ride! Let us ride! Let us ride! wind!




Will you go where I go, come what may?
Will you carry me to the end of day?
The horizon far seems to call out our name! 
Let us ride for the King to break of day!


©2012 Shepherd’s Heart Music, Inc./Dennis Jernigan
7804 W. Fern Mountain Rd.•Muskogee, OK•74401
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