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MP3: Send You Healing SOM2

Send Your Healing - Song History
November 30, 2003
A good friend of mine, Jack Taylor (one of the mentors of my life),
and his wife, Jerry, had asked me to minister with them in the western
Oklahoma town of Sayre. the focus of the meetings? Healing. Jerry has
battled cancer since even before they were married and I knew she and
Jack were walking in Kingdom power and grace through the battle. Also,
in my own church we had serval instances of men and women having heart
attacks during the month of healing was really on my
mind. The day before I went to Sayre, the Lord gave me this simple
little song to sing over Jerry and over all those in attendance.
Though simple, the anointing of Godʼs presence seemed to be on the
song in a big way as we learned it together the evening of November
31, 2003. IN my own life, God has done so much healing. Physical
healing. Emotional healing. Mental healing. Relational healing. He is
the God who heals...not always as we think He should or when we think
He should, but He is always healing - even when death comes. Death,
for the believer, really is ultimate healing. My hope and desire is
that this song would stir up faith in your soul and that God would
pour out His healing grace as you sing it to Him through the
circumstances of your life. (Jerry Taylor has since gone on to be with
the Lord).

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