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Book: Victim to Victor

A personal devotional walk towards Wholeness With Christ
by Dennis Jernigan.

About the Use of This Book

This book has been born out of the life and trials of Dennis Jernigan. Called to lay down his life in order for others to know there is, indeed, hope and redemption for even the most far-fallen soul, Dennis gladly bears his soul in the following pages. This book is designed to be an outline you, the reader, may use to adapt to the unique twists and turns of your own life.

  • Use it in personal study as a self-help tool.
  • Use it in home group/ Bible study settings.

All we ask is that you pay for each copy you download. Do not share copies with anyone else. In so doing, you will help ensure that the work of ministry through Dennis Jernigan is able to continue. These tools of ministry are one of the ways Dennis provides for his wife and nine children. Please honor the Lord and the hard work of Dennis Jernigan by purchasing your copy of this book in a proper and legal manner. That being said, if you cannot afford a copy, please simply let us know and we will make arrangements for you to get a copy of this book

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