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Book: Daddys Song Hardback

Includes a bonus CD with the original Dennis Jernigan mp3, Daddy's Song.

Daddy’s Song
This story was written for my children
as a means of explaining the redeeming
love of Jesus to them. It grew out of 
and was created out of my own story 
of redemption. Being asked to share 
my story in such a public way since 
the time my children were small, 
I needed a way to tell them about 
my own story of redemption in a 
way that would not be too much
of a burden for them to bear. 
Daddy’s Song became the perfect 
bridge to lead my own children to 
Jesus and, when they were old 
enough to understand, the perfect 
explanation to the reality and the 
depths of my own deliverance from
sin. It is a family heritage and treasure.
May it prove the same for you and yours. 

Dennis Jernigan

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