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Book: The Incredible Growing Basketball Goal PB

About the book:  When I was a boy I never heard the words 'I lov you" said to me by my father. Ever. As time went by through my teen year s and they turned into my college career these words were never uttered. They seemed to alwasy be on the cusp of his heart, but never breached the air of spoken realm. It would not be until after I was married and grown and well into my mid-thirties that I summoned the courage to ask him why he had never spoken his love to me. His answer spoke spoke volumes to my soul, ringing deeply out of the past and with volume into the present:  "My dad never told me he loved me, so I didn't know how to tell you, but Son, I do love you."

After that encounter everything changed. I could not help but wonder how a man who never said those words could have acted in the ways he did unless it was love. I discovered clue after clue and complied evidence to the contrary. My dad had layed down his life for me and shown me over and over his love and I just had not had eyes to see it. This is a true story of on of the those occassions of such love. The Incredible Growing Basketball Goal.

About the Illustrator:  Deb Grizzle is a native Oklahoman has creatived art all of her life. She has illustrated numerous children books, sculptor, portrait artist, and author herself.