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MP3 Collection: Forty Days and Forty Nights V2

Forty Days and Forty Nights
Songs of Contemplation and Intimacy V2


In the year 2010  I felt led to embark on something I had never experienced in my life…a forty day fast. Always marveling at those who had accomplished such a feat…marveling at while at the same time considering those who had completed a forty-day fast somewhere between ‘hero’ and ‘eccentric’…I woke one day feeling compelled to begin my own journey of a forty-day fast. Little did I know that God would speak to me in such profound ways and so radically re-order my life in the process.


Having just gone through 3 years of grief and sorrow at the loss of relationship with several friends…reeling from the dramatic downturn of our economy…recognizing the lonely place I found myself due to the call to declare to the world my freedom from same sex attraction…major surgery…another daughter marrying and moving literally to the other side of the earth…coming to grips with how different and removed I am from the ‘normal/mainstream’ Christian music scene…I woke that day knowing I needed a change…needed to reboot my system in every way – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


From May 3 until June 11 I consumed only water and fruit and vegetable juice losing 40 pounds in the process. While the weight loss helped get my body back on track after the surgery, the re-focusing of my mind, emotions, and spirit on the things of the Lord began to get my entire being back on track. My good friend, Dean Briggs, sent me a new book he had just written as a guide through a forty-day fast called 

Consumed:40 Days of Fasting, Repentance & Rebirth. Written in the form of daily devotions, I began each day meditating on either Psalm 40 or Isaiah 40. With each day’s meditation the Lord saw fit to give me a song…which I recorded immediately after receiving. The forty songs in these four volumes are the culmination of a 40-day journey of self-rediscovery.


My vision for these collections is that you would use them as devotional meditations in your personal daily spiritual walk of intimacy with Christ. We have made the lyrics available to you on this web site along with the Scriptural reference on which I meditated. Use this as a guide to help you rediscover a deeper awareness of your identity in Christ or to uncover new hidden treasures concerning your relationship with the King. Should you decide to set out on your own fast, I strongly encourage you to get the book Consumed:40 Days of Fasting, Repentance & Rebirth by Dean Briggs. You will be greatly encouraged and strengthened in your soul as Dean leads you through a healthy, Christ-centered approach to a spiritual fast.

In His Love & Grace,
Dennis Jernigan 

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Song List

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     Save Me From Myself
  2. loading preview
     My God Is Faithful
  3. loading preview
     Strength Of My Life
  4. loading preview
     Cut Off The Enemy
  5. loading preview
     Revive Me
  6. loading preview
     Deliver Me
  7. loading preview
     You Alone
  8. loading preview
     Constant Praise
  9. loading preview
     Empty Me
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