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MP3 Collection: Songs of Freedom For Men

About this recording, Dennis Jernigan says, “Because of the difficulties in understanding my identity as a male and subsequently as a man while I was growing up, I feel called to remind men of all ages who they are called to be. I now have 4 sons of my own to whom I have a great responsibility to help facilitate their identity as men. Many of these songs were born for my sons - but I want to be like my Heavenly Father. If He is mighty, I want to be mighty in spirit. If He is a strong warrior on my behalf, I want to be a strong warrior on behalf of my family and friends as well as to the downtrodden and discouraged.” Most of these songs should be listened to from the perspective of the Father singing over us.

Standout songs include In My Heart, The Measure of a Man, and Life Is Meant For Living.

Hidden Gems: You Are A Gift To Me, The Blessing Song, and Father Me.

Song List

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     Life Is Meant For Living
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     What Make A Man An Man
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     The Blessing Song
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     I Bless You
  5. loading preview
     This Day
  6. loading preview
     This Is My Destiny
  7. loading preview
     This Is My Life
  8. loading preview
     The Measure Of A Man
  9. loading preview
     In My Heart
  10. loading preview
     Father Me
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     You Are A Gift To Me
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     Little One
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     Judah's Song
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     Child Of My Heart
  15. loading preview
     Like A Child

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