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MP3 Collection: Fun Songs and Lullabies

This is a collection of songs Dennis Jernigan has been writing for his grandchildren.
Dennis and Melinda are about to welcome their 11th grandchild into this world as of the release of this collection!

Songs 1 through 10 are meant to be fun and joyous reflections of a child’s heart while songs 11 through 19 are meant to be used during naps or bedtime or when mommy and daddy just need some quiet times of their children.

Positive and encouraging to a child from infancy through adulthood (Dennis never wants to lose the wonder of a child’s heart!), these songs are a labor of love. The Coyote Song has been sung in the Jernigan house since the early 1990s and I Am A Sheep was sung to DJ’s own children almost every night when they were little…and now, the legacy continues to his own grandchildren.

The Bee Song was written by Hannah Faith (Jernigan) Brown and the lyrics for Princesses Are Not Made For Towers and Little Bear were written by Hannah as well.
The recording was mixed by Ezra Jernigan.

It is DJ’s desire and hope to instill in the hearts of his descendants for generations to come the fact that God loves them just because they exist. It is his prayer that as your own children and grandchildren hear these songs that the love of God would soak deeply and indelibly to the cores of their little hearts.

For lead sheets of these songs, simply go to

Song List

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     The Grandpa Song
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     Mia! Mia! Glad To See Ya!
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     Just Because You're You
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     Little Bear
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     Pure, Pure Joy
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     The Coyote Song
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     The Bee Song
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     Little Boy, Man To Be
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     Aussie Lullaby
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     Princesses Are Not Made For Towers
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     Waltzing Matilda Away
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     You Are Joy To Me
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     Close Your Little Eyes
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     Annabell's Lullaby
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     You Are Loved
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     Faithful Men
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     Man Of Destiny
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     Zella's Lullaby
  19. loading preview
     I Am A Sheep FSAL