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Over the past few years, thanks to the Internet, I have discovered that a whole new phase to my ministry has developed. Due to the amount of requests I receive for ministry to the hurting as well as to the amount of requests I receive from worship leaders who desire mentoring in the area of worship, I have created a better way to meet all of those needs in one place.

I invite you to become a DJ Insiders member. Membership is available at two different levels: $2.95 per month for Standard Members and $9.95 per month for Premium Members. You may roll over each item below to learn more about the features available to members. As a monthly subscriber, your subscription fee helps me get the message of hope and freedom out to many people -- and think of all the benefits you receive as a result! There are no strings attached, as you are free to cancel your membership at anytime.

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Price Per Month $2.95 $9.95
Price If Paid Yearly $30.00 $115.00
60-Second Daily Devotions tick tick
Teaching and Encouragement tick tick
Jernigan Updates tick tick
Free MP3 Downloads 3/month 6/month
Free MP3's When You Sign Up 3 free 10 free
Store Discount 5% off all purchases 10% off all purchases
Videos: Teaching and Encouragement - tick
Videos: How-To's - tick
Videos: Behind the Scenes - tick
Conference Fees Discount - 25% off
Worship Accompaniment Videos with Song Lyrics - tick
Free New Songs - tick
Free Lead Sheets for New Songs - tick
Song Histories - tick



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