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From the Heart of DJ

In the creation of this recording I knew I wanted it to reflect the epic-ness of God Almighty...and I knew I wanted to create something the younger generations would be drawn to, yet not scare away my generation, lol! To do so, I asked a young man I’ve known and mentored (I think I‘ve learned more from him, to be honest...) to produce the recording. His approach? To make the songs sound timeless. And in that approach, the epic nature of God was communicated well. That young man’s name is Ryan Redding.

Ryan, thank you for helping an old dog with some new tricks. You captured my heart yet left it timeless in feel and scope. Thank you for leaving the songs intact yet making them a work of heart from your own perspective. The result is amazing...and leaves me standing in awe. Thank you for the hours of sacrifice...and for being so nit-picky, lol!
Dennis Jernigan