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Focus On The Family Interview

Dear Friends, Tomorrow and Wednesday, an interview I did with FOTF will air worldwide! PLEASE help me get the word out about the Focus On The Family interview. It airs in 2 parts tomorrow and Wednesday. Here is the info: Tuesday, June 2 NOTE: Audio of the program isn’t available until 12:01am that day Wednesday, June 3

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I Am Changed

With the recent revelation from Bruce Jenner, I felt compelled to set some things, well, straight (pun intended). The gay identity was one I never wanted…and it dawned on me one day that I should seek my Maker as to what His intentions were for my identity. My plan was to choose what He called right over what my feelings - and what the world - called right. I chose Truth over comfort and momentary pleasure and found freedom form my old way of thinking. In the process, I found a heterosexual ide

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Film Screening in Los Angeles - TONIGHT!

To everyone in the Los Angeles area, there is a FREE screening of the film, SING OVER ME, The Dennis Jernigan Documentary, tonight! Go to…/free-screening-of-sing-over-me-…/ for details!

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