Song Receiver's Tip of the Week - October 17, 2011

Write the Deep Waters -

I love to go to the ocean and gaze upon the vast expanse, imagining what lies on the other side, but the day I discovered the joy of SCUBA gave me an even greater perspective. While I love playing in the waves and find great joy in doing so, I never realized how limited that joy was. As soon as I dipped my head beneath the crystal clear waters surrounding Grand Cayman a whole new world was introduced to my senses. Vistas never before imagined sent my mind reeling with joy. Not only could I see a myriad of colorful coral and rock formations, I also became overwhelmed with the wonderful array of life I had never imagined so accessible. Before I went into the deep places, I knew logically that there was more life than I could see…but when I went deeper and opened my eyes to this whole other world, I experienced a deeper joy than I could ever have imagined possible. Our spiritual life is like that. We can be content with the shallow places and enjoy the waves, or we can plunge into the deeper places and discover a realm of life we had only heard of before. In your creative receiving this week, do not be content to merely dabble in the waves. Write and create in such a way as to lead others into the deep places of God’s nature and love. Do not be afraid of the deep places. The number one rule in SCUBA is simply ‘keep breathing’. It is no different when searching the depths of God’s creativity. Just keep breathing in His presence and enjoy the creative journey!

He leads me beside quiet waters.

Psalm 23:2b NASB

Deep calls to deep at the sound of Your waterfalls;

All Your breakers and Your waves have rolled over me.

Psalm 42:7 NASB

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written by Marcella May , October 22, 2011

DJ, I am a mother of a 32 yr old son who is also named DJ and is battling the very same life style that you have been freed from. I am encouraged by what I heard you say and by what you have written. Would you join with me in prayer to our Great Heavenly Father in Jesus named that he be free also!! Thank you for your great testimony! Love in Christ, Marcella

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