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Write to Restore the Human Soul to God -

What kind of song speaks most to your soul? Is it one that makes you happy? Is it a lyric that makes you sentimental or nostalgic? Is it an emotional melody that evokes a melancholy attitude? Is it a song that helps you express a feeling or a hurt that you have experienced? Is it a song that makes you feel that someone somewhere understands you and you don’t feel so alone? Or is it a song that simply encourages you to not give up? Jesus came to meet the needs of people. This week, let us do the same in our song-receiving as we focus on receiving a song that might help the listener find restoration for their soul. Mine the depths of your own experience and write from your own hurt or desperation. If you are in a good place emotionally, ask the Lord to help you feel what the hurting souls you encounter this week might be feeling. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you express a song that would lead the listener to the place of healing and restoration. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

He restores my soul…

Psalm 23:3a NASB

Write the Deep Waters -

I love to go to the ocean and gaze upon the vast expanse, imagining what lies on the other side, but the day I discovered the joy of SCUBA gave me an even greater perspective. While I love playing in the waves and find great joy in doing so, I never realized how limited that joy was. As soon as I dipped my head beneath the crystal clear waters surrounding Grand Cayman a whole new world was introduced to my senses. Vistas never before imagined sent my mind reeling with joy. Not only could I see a myriad of colorful coral and rock formations, I also became overwhelmed with the wonderful array of life I had never imagined so accessible. Before I went into the deep places, I knew logically that there was more life than I could see…but when I went deeper and opened my eyes to this whole other world, I experienced a deeper joy than I could ever have imagined possible. Our spiritual life is like that. We can be content with the shallow places and enjoy the waves, or we can plunge into the deeper places and discover a realm of life we had only heard of before. In your creative receiving this week, do not be content to merely dabble in the waves. Write and create in such a way as to lead others into the deep places of God’s nature and love. Do not be afraid of the deep places. The number one rule in SCUBA is simply ‘keep breathing’. It is no different when searching the depths of God’s creativity. Just keep breathing in His presence and enjoy the creative journey!

He leads me beside quiet waters.

Psalm 23:2b NASB

Deep calls to deep at the sound of Your waterfalls;

All Your breakers and Your waves have rolled over me.

Psalm 42:7 NASB

Lead to Deep, Lush, Green Pastures in Your Writing -

Now that you have an idea of whom you are receiving and writing for, what are the specific needs of that group? Taking a note from the Word of God, what are the areas of their souls that would do well to receive rest? Listen for songs this week that will lead those who hear or sing them to places of rest for their weary souls. A good shepherd leads his or her sheep to the green pastures they need…to places of sustenance and hope and assurance and freedom. Listen for the songs that will lead to rest and sustenance for a weary soul. Remember, a good shepherd leads by example…so go to that place of rest yourself…and feed deeply on the green pastures of the Lord’s presence. -

He makes me lie down in green pastures…

Psalm 23:2a NASB

Write Like a Shepherd -

A good shepherd knows the condition of his flock. Have you determined who your flock is? Is your flock a small group of believers you meet with regularly? Is your flock your generation? Does your flock contain wounded people? Is your flock those who have been disillusioned by the church? Determine who your flock is then ask the Lord to lead you to the songs that will meet their specific needs. Listen for the songs no one else is hearing or singing. Listen for the songs that will communicate something that has not been communicated. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you your specific flock and then be prepared to receive songs that will meet their specific needs. -

The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want.

Psalm 23:1 NASB