Bless Me - New Song Video

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written by dale hogan , January 09, 2010

Dennis and Melinda, Seems like the Lord has suddenly put you guys in my heart and life. It started dy hearing your interview on a Christian station, and i ordered your CD. Since then you keep popping up in unexpected places. Oh man how God wants us to be free. David said in Psalm 51 that God desires Truth in our inner most parts. How awesome is his love. Who are we that You should notice us oh Lord? He will deliver us from every evil way and bring us safely to His Heavenly Kingdom. NOTHING is impossible with our God. My wife JoAnn and i are believing God for a miracle of healing
(brain cancer) in her life. May he do what brings Him the most glory Isn't HE wonderful.
God bless ya'll and your kids,
dale and Joann

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