I Will Run to the Arms of My Father - new song!

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written by Elizabeth Jamison , April 15, 2012

Dear Dennis,
My family and I were privileged to hear you (via the web), at the Legacy event at Encourager Church recently. I wanted to tell you that your music really blessed me. I also wanted to tell you about what I saw you on the screen part of the time while you were singing; it was as if you were made of fire and light, particularly when you lifted your arms while worshiping... they just seemed to be made of fire and light. ( I want you to know that seeing something like this is not a usual event for me, and that it was very clear. It was kind of like you 'were' the worship.)
I hope this blesses you.
Thank you for all you do,
Elizabeth Jamison

written by LeDona Eastman , April 02, 2012

Dear Brother Dennis,
Years have passed...how times have changed.
Your songs are still incredibly wonderful!
I've become a sex therapist as a Pastor thinking many churches would appreciate my evangelism in Biblical truth, but he LORD brought me to Patriotism for the USA and we began tearing down asherah poles of evil in our land.

I have a new blog: search google and check out Miss LeDona Eastman & friends.blog...it's been an amazing journey so far...God Bless you and the family! You have an amazing ministry journey! Blessings!

written by Chadd A. Peterson , April 01, 2012

Of all the christian musicians out there I find myself looking and listening to music written by Dennis Jernigan. Always uplifting, always a message that brings me down to my knees crying and spending a longer time in prayer. Thanks Dennis

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