Keith Green sings Easter Song

A song by one of my heroes, fellow song receiver and mentor, Annie Herring...performed by one of my favorite singers/worship leaders/song receivers, Keith Green! Thought you might enjoy something that has brought great inspiration to my life and ministry.

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written by Debbie Moseley , March 14, 2010

Keith Green, what a trip down memory lane! He was truly a forerunner for the new style of christian music. I lived in Denver in 1978, and got to see him a couple times, awesome. I had his album with that beautiful face of his taking up the whole cover, beautiful eyes, hair, lol, I WAS single then! A girl can dream. I'd only been a christian a few months when I got his album Thanks for sharing it on your page.

written by Bryan Galloway , March 10, 2010

Thank you!

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