Never Say Goodbye - video

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written by Brokenhearted Mom , October 13, 2010

Dear DJ, thank you. thank you for your music. I recently found your testimony and am so blessed. I am so sorry for your loss.

My husband and I were worship leaders in the 80's & 90's and I remember your name and songs so clearly on our music. Now after hearing your testimony I am still being blessed by your life and struggles: thank you!

I found your testimony as I am in great pain and suffering for my son who came home from 3rd year at college and told us he is gay. Our son was such a good son, loved church, read his bible. We are in shock. Since then I have read so much and learn that this is nothing new and in the church also. I'm sure it's worse now than when you experienced it as it is more accepted now.

You are so right about fathers not taking their rightful place. We had no idea that we would be blindsided like this especially concerning our talented only son.

Yes we must not waste the sorrow and the pain. The fellowship of His sufferings is when our heart is broken. He needs us to be broken. I want to reach out and help my son. I want to save him, but I can only pray for him. I pray the Lord's will for him and that God use him mightily through this. He always has loved to sing. One day I pray he'll sing for Jesus again when he's set free from these lies.

May God continue to use you and bless your family. Thank you for a prayer for Michael. I know he is a MAN of God. I just feel so lost right now. Thank you for the songs.

written by Kyra McBrayer , October 03, 2010

When we miscarried, 8 years ago, we were 8 weeks pregnant. Everyone was so amazed that I struggled with the loss for so long. No one seemed to understand that even though we had only been "barely" pregnant, that precious child was our baby. And no matter how long we had carried her, her death was a great loss in our lives and still is. Your children are blessed to have you recognize their loss in such a special way!

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