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Never Say Goodbye - video

Live My Life For My King - video

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Devastated By Your Love - ministry video

This Is Reality - Ministry Video

Nobody Fills My Heart Like Jesus - video

Cover Art Signed and Framed by DJ

I thought this would be a cool way to bless fans who would like a bit of memorabilia from the new project. We have two versions of cover art that can be signed and framed. 12 X 12 blow-up of cover, signed by DJ - cost $40 plus shipping 13 X 8 CD cover and CD framed, signed by DJ - cost $30 plus shipping Just call Trish at 800-877-0406 and request the version you would like as well as who you would like it signed to. Go to the link below to see what I'm talking about! Blessings, DJ!/album.php?aid=235597&id=507304776&ref=mf

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